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Youth constitute a proportion of the total population of the communities in Britain and face great challenges today at leisure and employment along with other challenges such as drugs and likewise at the level of thought and values, and behavior, openness and alienation and identity and awareness, social responsibility and these challenges are still borne by the State without any support or help by associations and NGOs and existing communities Union links with Britain. And we must take upon itself the responsibility of communities’ initiative in carrying the concerns of youth and their needs and inoculated variants and temptation together and out of the entire plan of action of the short and long-term advancement towards wider prospects thinking and approach.

The question of youth in extremely dangerous and must not stand idly by before the suffering of our youth. And there must be serious and sound mechanism to see youth trends and preferences and provide facilities and centre’s ability to protect them from the vacuum spoiler. And so I think it is time to have a mathematical Foundation of communities concerned with youth issues in the first place, and known how dangerous vacuum spoiler for youth and what can be created.

And it’s time and alarm that we need to do our duties toward our youth and their future so keep visions appropriate to their safety and protect them from problems that surround them. Several young people are the future and protectors of the homeland. And if they strayed they become a disaster for the nation and society.

And about the means that must be taken to protect young people from moral and intellectual deviation and keep them in all respects religious and social, cultural, and sports and leisure filled by finding centre’s and sports clubs, social and cultural rights in all neighborhoods of the cities and the provinces and provide the necessary supplies to these clubs. And a lure to go and attend to build their bodies and their minds and thoughts and inoculated every stray thought and corrupt behaviours and develop solutions to all their problems and above all the vacuum and unemployment which is one of the most important problems affecting young communities today.

And that youth issues at this time there were many and varied due to the boom in communications and technology that has made the world a small village. And so must an institution superpower cultural sports for youth communities in Britain could stand entirely on the requirements and directions of the youth communities and draw then plans and programmers capable of meeting these orientations to serve young people and makes them not only men able to elevate their home and their community for the better in the future, but also useful to generation and society and protects them from influencing or blind drift without reflection or consciousness behind much of what he wants and he hears And it is in the environment.

And the importance of the issue of youth, institutions and individuals to pay more attention to the role of young people because they represent the largest proportion of society in Britain. This slide facing down numerous challenges with changes in the world today and so many problems and the issue of guidance responsibility and need to deliberate strategies and programs for our young people today no longer in isolation around the development of telecommunications and information technology. And for this a fortiori that the youth of interest consistent with the variables of age and finding solutions and outlets and mechanisms to take advantage of their abilities.

This Communities Union League (C.U.L.) Contribute to developing solutions to the many problems of young people, primarily vacuum spoiler and unemployment. And with the information explosion age young people in isolation from adults and therefore we must find a new way of dealing with our youth so we can instil confidence in oneself and not drift beyond the stray thoughts and Satanism.
Add to this broad unanimity that regular physical activity is essential to the growth of children and adolescent physical and mental and psychological, social and sports may lead to child health and immunisation to improve academic performance and help reduce crime.

And UNICEF considers the possibility that effective programmatic tool to assist in achieving the objectives in the areas of health, education, gender equality and HIV/AIDS and child protection.
These activities are used to promote good health and warn of the harmful effects of smoking, alcohol and drugs and also works to educate young people about the risks of HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).
Sport and recreation program creating safe environments and enhance the stability of relations between children and adults and among children themselves and provide them with opportunities to express themselves and contribute their opinions and ideas to become the ideals in communities and contribute to the creation of a more just and peaceful world.

Sport and recreation and play amusing means to learn the values and lessons faith will continue throughout life. It promotes friendship and fair competition and learns the spirit of hope and team discipline and respect. And learn the skills necessary to grow and become an individual guard made caring for others and help prepare youth to meet the challenges that it will face in their lives.

Why engage youth communities of European States to blood organizations and extremist groups?
· Extremist organizations etc and their bats as a product of this neglect of :
1. The void.
2. Unemployment.
3. Social marginalisation.
· And I doubt that extremist organisations caused the biggest scourge on society and to espousing extremist ideas are corrupt and harmful ideologies.
· The Void
Where is the vacuum of factors harmful to society, particularly young people, through young people move into violence and nihilism after passing through extremist ideas and absolute displayed alone in the market thought and generously funded several years long? Frequently talk about the vacuum bomb private space.

It is regrettable that the suffering of our youth of the vacuum still exists and is continuous and even in neighbourhoods where there are no activities managed to fill this void or saturation tendencies and desires and discover scientific and mathematical talents and artistic and intellectual. We find a lot of biology today is the concrete jungles rigid no pitches ready may break the boredom of rooms or galleries art concrete through which young talents of different varnishing, making the youngster lying inside his house all day with the computer and suffer from laziness and lethargy and boredom.

The establishment of The Communities Union League (C.U.L) we can satisfy the tendencies of young people and meet their desires and be comprehensive for all activities of the cinema and theatre, and fine arts and sports for all games in each. If we are the youth of Britain and existing communities interested in protecting future generations from all that surrounds them from evils and risks becoming useful elements for the community elements of demolition and harming society.

With the establishment of The Communities Union League (C.U.L) that we can protect our young people from the spread of drugs and the moral corruption and destructive ideas and diffusion in society as young people today. And adoption programs and ideas more closely to them we can address the current problems and the most important gap.

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